With our full digital technology equipment, patients can now benefit from being imaged with less radiation exposure, all at the convenience of a neighborhood clinic.  This means imaging can be done efficiently, quickly and with outstanding patient care.  Sarnia Diagnostic Imaging offers walk-in service for X-rays testing. Booked appointments for Ultrasounds testing.

Vijay Gupta
Managing Director

Vijay Gupta notes that "Quicker service means that treatment could start sooner.  All the patient needs is a requisition form from a referring doctor, regardless of the clinic name on the top of the form." "People are often stressed when they need to have diagnostic testing.  Heading to a facility, paying expensive parking and having a long wait in a cramped waiting room does nothing to decrease that stress".

As an alternative, Sarnia Diagnostic Imaging offers free parking, a pleasant, bright and roomy waiting room, with friendly staff and a warm atmosphere.